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To achieve the objectives of the above ideology certain safeguards have been built into the Constitution and protections guaranteed:

•    Under the Republican Constitution, the members of the Service Commissions are appointed by the President, after consultation with the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition.   

•    Members of the Commission, other than the Judicial and Legal Service Commission, may only be removed from office by the President acting in his discretion, and for specific cause only.  

•    Each Commission functions as a body giving effect to the principle of joint rather than individual responsibility.

•    Commissions are free from Ministerial control.

•    Commissioners cannot be sued in their own names.

•    The Commissions are vested with discretionary powers to further ensure their independence from the Executive and the Legislature.  (That does not mean however, that the Commissions are not answerable for any acts they may perform outside of their jurisdiction).

•    The Service Commissions have been further vested with the authority to regulate, with the consent of the Prime Minister, their own procedures, and for this purpose, have promulgated Regulations which set out the principles and guidelines to be followed in the making of appointments, promotions, transfers and the exercising of disciplinary control over officers in the different Services.  The fundamental principles inherent in all the regulations are those of fairness, equality and justice.

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