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The Service Commissions provide the following functions as enshrined in the Constitution:-

Appointments: - The Commissions in making appointments to the Services under their jurisdiction ensure that the persons being appointed satisfy the pre-requisites of integrity, skill, ability, training and experience and any other criteria laid down in their Regulations.   Appointments are made without discrimination, prejudice or political influence of any kind.  For the Commissions, fairness and equality of opportunity is the right of every citizen.

Promotions: - The Commissions are guided by the principles and criteria laid down in their Regulations.   Training, experience, merit and ability and relative seniority of all eligible officers are among the criteria considered, along with relevant promotion examinations such as are held for entry into the administrative class or Prisons and Fire Services.

Transfers: - The Commissions have set out specific regulations to guide the process of transfers within their Services.   If transfers are to be made from one Service to another, the respective Service Commissions must consult each other before the transfer can be done.

Exercise Disciplinary Control: - Disciplinary proceedings against officers in the Services (other than the office of Judge in the Judicial and Legal Service) are governed by the respective Regulations.   The role of the Commissions in disciplinary matters is that of an independent and impartial body that receives complaints or allegations of misconduct which have contravened any relevant Codes of Conduct set down by the Employer or which are in breach of any implied terms and conditions of the particular Service.

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