52-58 Woodford Street, Newtown, Port of Spain.

Mr. Corey Harrison
Director of Personnel Administration
Ms. Helen Warner
Deputy Director of Personnel Administration 
Ms. Joy Seepersad Boodhoo
Deputy Director of Personnel Administration (Ag)
Ms. Caminee Baboolal
Executive Director, HRM Public Service Commission (Ag)
Ms. Anisha Ramadhar
Executive Director, HRM Judicial and Legal Service Commission (Ag)
Ms. Dale Brizan
Executive Director, HRM Police Service Commission (Ag)
Ms. Farya Mohammed-Basdaye
Executive Director, HRM Teaching Service Commission (Ag)
Ms. Allison Wells – Green
Director of Corporate Services (Ag)
Ms. Natasha Seecharan
Legal Adviser
Ms. Tavita Ramcharan
Executive Director, ICT (Ag)

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52-58 Woodford Street, Newtown, Port of Spain.

(868) 623-2991/7

DFL Building, #10 Cipriani Boulevard, Newtown, Port of Spain.

(868) 623-2711

99A Pasea Main Road, Tunapuna 330839.

(868) 612-0062

 41 A Wilson Road, Scarborough, Tobago.

(868) 639-5018/639-4949