Public Service Commission 


Public Service Commission 


Role of the Commission

The Public Service Commission was established by Trinidad and Tobago Order in Council 1950. Section 92 of the 1962 Constitution and Section 121 of the 1976 Constitution confer on the Commission the power to:

  • appoint persons to hold or to act in offices in the Civil Service, Prison Service and Fire Service
  • make appointments on promotion and transfers
  • confirm appointments
  • remove and exercise disciplinary control over persons holding or acting in such offices.

Responsibility of the Commission

(i) to fill the man power needs of Ministries and Departments in order to ensure the discharge of various services;

(ii) to assure the public of public service neutrality by exercising their constitutional authority in respect of the control of careers in the service;

(iii) to protect public officers against acts of discrimination by politicians;

(iv) to protect public officers from other public officers;

(v)  to prevent nepotism by ensuring fairness and transparency in the appointment and promotion of public officers; 

(vi) to ensure the good conduct and efficiency of public officers by exercising their constitutional authority in respect of discipline in the Public Service.

Composition of the Commission

According to Section 120 of the Constitution

There shall be a Public Service Commission for Trinidad and Tobago which shall consist of a Chairman, a Deputy Chairman and not less than two but not more than four other members. 

The members of the Public Service Commission shall be appointed by the President, after consultation with the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition.

The members of the Public Service Commission shall hold office in accordance with section 126 of the Constitution.

The current members of the Public Service Commission are:

Mr. Winston Rudder - Chairman

Dr. Sterling Frost - Deputy Chairman

Mr. Martin Franklin - Member

Mrs. Jennifer Sampson-Farrell - Member

Mr. Courtenay B. Williams - Member

Ms. Gwendoline Mc Laren - Member

Ms. Katija Khan  - Member


Annual Reports

Section 66B of the Constitution (as amended by Act No. 29 of 1999) requires the Public Service Commission to report each year on its administration, the manner of the exercise of its powers, its method of functioning and the criteria adopted by it in the exercise of its powers and functions.